Louvre Windows

Series 525 Louvres

Glass, Cedar or Aluminium adjustable blades can be fitted into the Vantage LouvreMASTER™ window.

Ventilation: Adjustable louvres allow you the greatest flow of air of any window when fully open. The air is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvres, in large openings by closing some blades and leaving others open. Consider this product for breezways or to allow natural cooling by air flow through a home.             

Options: Vantage Series 525 LouvreMASTER™ windows can be supplied with a large variety of adjustable blades and combined with matching adjoining fixed sidelights.

Clear Vision: The Vantage LouvreMASTER™ window allows almost unrestricted view while maintaining the ventilation option.

Weather Performance: The window has been tested to 450Pa water resistance. For the right sill and blade treatment to suit your application contact our specialists on 07 5351 1655.

Cleaning: Both sides of the glass can be cleaned from inside the home.

Flyscreening: One of the main features with the Vantage LouvreMASTER™ window is the ability to fit flyscreens into the main frame without adaptors, trims, screws or unsightly turnbuckles

We only use Altair components from Breezway in our windows


What sets our Altair Louvre apart from the rest ?

Clever and unique patented design    

 High quality materials and manufacturing   

 Extensive testing in a NATA certified laboratory

   Many years of proven field performance  

 Widest range of Product Options 

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